In response to the growing spike in Covid-19 cases in Mississippi:

-Maples has moved all Sunday School classes to online options.

-Sunday Night Programming resumes on January 24th at 3:45. There will be no singing. However, we will instead be pursuing other performance activity during the worship arts block.

Our leadership team will meet weekly to decide when restrictions should be lifted or tightened. Watch this space, your constant contacts, and Maples Connect to stay up to date.

You can find information about vaccine distribution in Mississippi by clicking here

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We are a people committed to “Reaching up” in our total dependence on Jesus Christ, “Reaching Within” as we grow to model Christ in all aspects of living, and “Reaching out” by inviting a hurting world to a place of health and healing in Christ.

Begun for the cause of Christ as a Methodist missional outpost in the year 1840, Maples’ mission remains the same, today: making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We encourage the embracing of Biblical life-values, intentional spiritual formation, sharing God’s gifts and providing an individual witness of Christ to the world. We invite an Oikoscentric mindset, meaning that everyone has 8 to 15 people in their immediate life that they're meant to bring closer to Christ, and we intend to aid in that mindset by offering community outreach and an open invitation to all Maples' events.

We are open for worship on Sunday mornings, and everyone is invited. Our worship service times are 8:30, 9:30, and 10:45, and you and your family can choose any number of them to attend to meet your spiritual and scheduling needs.

  • Our 8:30 service is called "Daybreak." It offers a typically shorter and traditionally minded service that has communion far more often. It's often favored by people who like a tight-knit community with their worship services or who have schedules that lean towards rising early on Sunday morning.
  • Our 9:30 service is called "The Connection." It offers a more contemporary service experience, complete with a praise band, projector screen, and free coffee bar. It's often favored by people who like worship services to have a casual feel. It's located in Wesley Hall, but is also available to be livestreamed from our Facebook Page.
  • Our 10:45 service is called "Traditions." It offers a traditional worship service, complete with an organ, a choir, and printed hymn books. It's often favored by people who like worship services to be displayed as regal events. It's located in the Sanctuary, but is also available to be livestreamed from our Facebook Page or YouTube Page.

In addition to these services, we also offer Sunday Schools at 9:30. There is a Sunday School class available for all ages, and Adult Sunday School classes offer a variety of focus topics. You can find locations for Sunday School classes here.