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Written Devotionals

If you would like to read written devotionals, we have sections on this website for devotionals written by staff members and devotionals written by Maples' congregation members. You can comment and react to these devotionals. They are updated on an upon-completion basis. 

If you would like to submit a devotional to the Maples congregation blog page, send it in a word document or pdf to Brennan@mapleschurch.org


Video Devotionals - Discontinued

During the 2020 quarantine, Pastor Sam and Pastor Stephen brought us daily devotionals to keep the Maples family connected. While these video devotionals are no longer being actively produced daily, you can see the whole playlist here.

During the seasons of Lent and Advent, we have devotionals available in the narthex written by the Maples family. We also produce videos of these devotionals written by the people that wrote them. You can find these each year on our YouTube page.