Important Covid-19 Protocol Update


In response to the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in DeSoto County, particularly for children, the Maples Leadership Team has elected to make the following changes to our protocol:


-We have returned to roping off every other row in the sanctuary in order to increase social distancing. Please do not sit in a roped off row and please do not remove the ropes.


-Children under the age of 12 will be required to wear their mask indoors unless they are in the sanctuary and socially distanced with their family group. Children under the age of 2 will not be required to wear a mask. Teachers of classes with children under 12 in them should also wear a mask while in the classroom.


-Children aged 2-4 participating in the Maples Learning Center's preschool program do not have to wear a mask. However, school-aged children participating in the MLC's after school program WILL be required to wear a mask.


-As always, Maples encourages everyone to acquire a Covid-19 vaccine or wear a mask if they choose not to. You can find more information on Covid-19 vaccines here.

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Hi! Our NEW MAPLESKIDS's website is now live! It is There will be weekly bible studies for you to do with your kiddos and other content coming.  We love children here at Maples and we have designed our ministry around God's love, knowing that God's way is the only way. God's love is demonstrated throughout the Bible and with God's love GREAT things happen.  We are looking for GREAT things to happen here at Maples as we love your children and teach them about that love of God.


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