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Maples Learning Center


Mission Statement

To extend the ministry of Maples Memorial United Methodist Church to our church members and the outlying community by providing a loving environment in which your children can grow physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We believe our program will provide these children a quality environment where they will learn about themselves, God, and their places in God’s world.


Maples Learning Center strives:

1. To create a warm, loving environment in which each child will feel a sense of self-worth and have the opportunity to develop his or her own gifts.

2. To make the transition from home to school a natural one, while developing skills to meet the new challenges that transition entails. This will be done through the use of Pinnacle curriculum, as well as age-appropriate activities and materials.

3. To commit ourselves to excellence by striving to reflect the highest Christian values and care. Staff members will be expected to exemplify the Christian life in the dealings with children and their parents.

4. To approach the learning process with the belief that play is fundamental to the social, emotional, and educational development of each child.

5. To be responsible stewards of all that God and Maples Memorial United Methodist Church have entrusted with us, especially in the areas of space utilization, financial management, materials use, and human resources.