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The Connection Worship Service

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Every Sunday

9:00am – 10:00am

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The Connection Worship Service

Sunday mornings @ 9:00

Maples has three worship services every Sunday morning, and The Connection service at 9:00 in Wesley Hall is our most contemporary! The Connection service uses more contemporary worship ideas, such as visuals on projector screens, accoustic music, and a more casual atmosphere complete with a coffee bar. Here, you can experience a more casual and laid back worship experience than you can in our other worship services. All music is provided by our Maples Worship Band, starring Ben Larsen, Meghan Galtelli, Lisa Lynn Treadway, Allen Sanders, Ethan Lott, and more!

Our worship team puts great care into making sure the service is built with intentionality around the message of the week. Our order of worship, the songs performed, what prayers we take, and even what special worship actions we take part in are all in service to a holistic worship experience. We'll spend hours each week meticulously planning everything from layout to sensory details like smell, and we're not afraid to do something a little outside the box! It is our goal to bring you as close to a transformative worship experience as possible each and every Sunday. 

Join us this Sunday for morning in person worship starting at 9:00 am. There's plenty of time before and after for you to grab a coffee and socialize before Sunday School. We encourage an environment where you can feel comfortable to be with God and fellowship.




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