Starting on June 4th, Maples will not be holding the 8:30 Daybreak service on Sunday mornings for the Summer semester. We encourage everyone interested in attending the Daybreak service to attend either our Connection service at 9:00 or Traditions service at 11:00.

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Sunday Morning Services

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Every Sunday

8:30am – 12:00pm

Location: 8745 Goodman Rd, Sanctuary, Olive Branch, MS 38654

Category: Worship Service | Coordinator: Stephen Sparks

At Maples, we hold three services each Sunday morning. Each service contains the same subject matter, uses the same scriptures and creeds, and holds the same message preached by Lead Pastor Steven Sparks or Associate Pastor Sam Jones

However, despite holding the same subject matter, each service offers a completely new way to experience that message. You can choose one or more service to attend and tune your worship experience to your own preference!

  • 8:30 Service - Daybreak

    The Daybreak service offers a typically shorter and traditionally minded service that separates itself by serving communion every Sunday. It's often favored by people who like a tight-knit community with their worship services or who have schedules that lean towards rising early on Sunday morning. You can attend it at 8:30 in the Sanctuary every Sunday morning, with Sunday School immediately afterwards.

Starting June 4th, Maples will not be holding the 8:30 Daybreak service for the duration of the Summer semester. We encourage participants interested in the 8:30 Daybreak service to consider one of our other services.

  • 9:00 Service - The Connection

    The Connection offers a more contemporary service experience, complete with a praise band, projector screen, and free coffee bar. It's often favored by people who like worship services to have a casual feel, and more experimental methods of worship. It has the same feel as attending a freshly planted church. The connections you make here are personal, you will feel seen, and you will come to know God in a more intimate way. You can attend this service at 9:00 in Wesley Hall on Sunday mornings and on select accoustic worship nights.
  • 11:00 Service - Traditions

    Our 11:00 service is called "Traditions." It offers a traditional worship service, complete with an organ, a choir, and printed hymn books. We loosely follow the Methodist Book of Worship when building the Traditions service. It's often favored by people who prefer their services to be high worship. You will be blown away by the bombastic energy and the quiet introspection we can have in this service. It's located in the Sanctuary at 11:00 on Sunday mornings, but you can also view it using our Livestream page.

We also offer Sunday school on Sunday mornings! Some Sunday schools start at different times, but most Sunday schools start at 10:00, falling cleanly between The Connection and Traditions services. Click here to see a full list of our Sunday Schools!

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