In response to the growing spike in Covid-19 cases in Mississippi:

-Maples has moved all Sunday School classes to online options.

-Sunday Night Programming resumes on January 24th at 3:45. There will be no singing. However, we will instead be pursuing other performance activity during the worship arts block.

Our leadership team will meet weekly to decide when restrictions should be lifted or tightened. Watch this space, your constant contacts, and Maples Connect to stay up to date.

You can find information about vaccine distribution in Mississippi by clicking here

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Get Oikos Card

Oikos is the practice of finidng 8-15 people in your life that God has placed there so that they may be brought closer to him. It is the act of identifying these people, and activly praying for, investing in, inviting, and preparing them for their own Oikos.


You can click the link below to download the Oikos card so you can fill out and keep track of the 8-15 people that God has placed in your life for you to bring closer to him.


Click here to download