Join us in reaching out beyond our walls!

Reverend Corey Truett is spreading the word about an innovative new church plant in DeSoto County. The Well at Lewisburg will first offer a coffee shop and room for community gatherings as they move towards providing worship, outreach and small group experiences for a new congregation.



News From the Well

God has been great to us at The Well! Just a few weeks ago we had our first worship on Christmas Eve at our new location in Lewisburg. We didn’t advertise through the mail. We didn’t rent a billboard or put up signs in the neighborhoods. Ultimately, we spread the word through social media and, most importantly, word of mouth. The turnout was amazing! We had more than 125 people come to worship the newborn King! There was literally not a seat left in the house! There were families of five squeezing into three seats just to make room for others to have a place to sit. Many of those in attendance we had never met before. We even had a few special guests, like our District Superintendent Jim Genessee and his wife Margaret, Rev.Adam Gordon, and others. It was a blessing to see our new home full and was avery memorable first Christmas Eve for theWell.

A few weeks later, on January 8, 2017, wewere celebrating our “Worship-versary,” the one year anniversaryof our first worship as a church. That morning, we were commissioned by you, Maples, to go and be the light of Christ in the community of Lewisburg.That night, we officially began our weekly worship in our new building. Again, with no advertisement other than social media, we had another great turnout with almost 80 in attendance! It was a great night as we worshipped the Lord and ate together as a family. One special moment for me was walking back into the church when I finished talking with a family outside after worship. There was such a great atmosphere and sense of community taking place! I had to stop, take it all in, and absorb this Holy Spirit moment. For a few minutes, I was able to experience our vision for The Well, and Lewisburg, manifesting right before my eyes. Praise God!

Thank you, Maples, for being such a supportive parent-church for our new congregation! We would not be where we are today without your help and generosity. 

Though we have moved out of the nest, we are definitely notable to fly yet! We are still in need of donations, whether they be financial, equipment for our nursery and children’s areas, voluntary labor around the church, or any number of other things to help our ministry get off the ground. Financial donations can be made through Maples, our website(, snail mail (56 Vaughn Ln, Olive Branch, MS38654), or through the offering plate in worship on Sunday nights at 5pm.

Thank you for continuing to remember and support The Well at Lewisburg!

In Christ, Corey Truett