Adult Sunday School Classes

Young Adult - Senior Pastor's Office - Room #125
(College Ready —variety of studies)

20/30s Group
(20’s and 30’s—variety of studies)

Seekers - Room #175c
(30’s and 40’s—variety of studies)

Agape Class  - Room #175a
(30's - variety of studies)

J.O.Y. (Jesus. Others. Yourself.) - Room #117
(30’s, 40’s & 50’s—variety of studies)

Outreach  - Room #118
(40’s, 50’s & 60’s—Adult Bible Study)

Friendship  - Room #119
(50’s + - variety of studies)

Women of Faith - Room #156
(all women—all ages—variety of studies)

Wesleyan  - Wesley Hall
*(60’s + - large group setting—Adult Bible)

*The Wesleyan Class is taught in a lecture type format. All other adult classes are open discussion.

Study Groups

Wednesday Night – studies are 6:30-7:30
Pastor’s Bible Study
Associate Pastor's Bible Study
Sisters in Christ
Men’s Bible Study

Sunday Nights
Disciple Bible Study (seasonal)
    Disciple I - Room #118 - 5:00
    Disciple II - Room #120 - 5:00

Other studies have included Companions in Christ, parenting classes, marriage
Bible studies, Christian book clubs and Financial Peace University