What if everyone got as excited about going to church on Sunday as they did about the Super Bowl or other sporting events?

What if everyone prayed for their pastors as much as they talked to other people about what they don’t like about their pastors or their church? What if everyone studied their Bibles as much as they studied Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What if everyone rallied around a church mission project like they rally around their college sports team? What if? What if? What if?

The Wesleyan/Methodist movement began as a renewal movement within the Church of England. John and Charles Wesley were both Anglican Priests. They grew up as the sons of an Anglican Priest. Church was always a part of their lives. But the one thing they lacked was that vital relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit that guides and drives our lives and gives us meaning and purpose.The Wesley brother’s had grown weary of church as “usual.” They were tired of “going through the motions”and knew there was much more to being a Christian than what they were currently experiencing.

What changed them? I think this one sentence sums up the change that eventually took place in their lives and sparked the Wesleyan/Methodist Revival; their desire for more. After John had his “Aldersgate” experience and wrote in his journal those famous words, “I felt my heart strangely warmed,” church ceased to be normal. People were being changed when they heard the Gospel and when they worshiped.The excitement in those early Methodist services could be described as amazing.

What if you, the members and friends of Maples Memorial United Methodist Church, had that “desire for more” that the Wesley brothers had? I believe that we would be more excited about church than about the Super Bowl. I believe we wouldn’t gossip in the halls about other people but there would be circles of prayer, lifting one another up to the throne of grace. I believe that Bible study would take center stage and social media would be way back on our list of priorities. I believe that we would see lives changed as we rallied around the mission of the church.That’s what I believe. What about you?

Because of Him
Pastor Hal