Reaching Within  -  We're reaching within, to grow as individuals and as a church family.

"It takes many parts to make a single body."   I Corinthians 12:20

The church is the Body of Christ and so needs varied ministries to reflect the Word to the world. We praise and worship, learn and grow, comfort and celebrate, feed and heal. Our ministry areas provide the means through which we reach out to our congregation and beyond.

Revival Banners


Great things are happening at Maples Memorial United Methodist Church (Maples) as we, with renewed dedication and fervor, seek the Lord’s will. We experienced renewal in July through the Revival Services that were planned by our new senior adult ministry. One of many inspiring moments in our revival was when Rev. Addie Beth Johnson (Beth), a United Methodist minister and graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, anointed and prayed over our pastor, Rev. Hal Hall (Hal). Beth experienced the Asbury Revival first-hand, and she longs for Maples to experience the presence of God in such a powerful way. 

Additionally, Maples is participating in Readiness 360 (R360) to revitalize our church in the areas of Spiritual Intensity, Dynamic Relationships, Missional Alignment, and Cultural Openness. Our coach for R360, Rev. Wayne Hill, has experienced God in amazing ways in his ministry, and he seeks to help us on our journey. Maples will continue to work in these areas of revitalization as we seek God’s plans for our church. 

One aspect of the our renewal focus is prayer, and we have dedicated September as a special time of learning about prayer and praying according to God’s will. Starting weeks before the revival, a group at Maples met regularly to pray for God to draw us into closer alignment with His will, and we continue in prayer. Hal thought of his visit to the Brownsville Revival that began in Pensacola, Florida in 1995, and continued for several years. The Brownsville Assembly of God (Brownsville) began a Sunday night prayer service, and used banners as visual aids for focused prayer. The categories of banners were: Spiritual Warfare, Revival, Souls, Family, Our Country, Healing, Pastors, Schools, Ministries, and the Peace of Jerusalem. Later, the banners for Children and Catastrophic Events were added. Hal and his wife, Renee, had both witnessed the revival at Brownsville, and they decided to vacation in Pensacola to worship there once more time. On their return, they continued in prayer to seek God’s direction for Maples’ spiritual renewal. Consequently, Hal contacted Brownsville, and asked if there was any way that Maples could borrow the banners in September, our time of special prayer focus. Even though Brownsville had never allowed any church to do so, they gave it prayerful consideration, and then agreed that they would lend the banners to Maples for the month of September. The revival banners are here at Maples in Olive Branch! 

In both services on September 10, 2017, six of us carried banners into the service, and then led in prayer for the circumstances that were the theme of our banner. I prayed for the Persecuted Church. On Sunday, September 17, six more banners will be carried into church, and six more prayers will be offered for causes lifted up on the banners. Please be in prayer that we will experience a great revival at Maples, and that God will grant United Methodists a Great Awakening Revival that will extend to our state, the nation, and the world as we seek to do His will and His work. In the name of Jesus, amen.